Virtual Reality PUNISHED

BDSM penalties follow their own rules and objectives. They create more connection with the partner, help to let off steam, try out new toys or simply spice up the love play in general. BDSM games are about power and submission. One partner takes the dominant active role, while the other submissively submits passively. The BDSM penalties serve to control and punish the subordinate part. Each of the partners enjoys special pleasure in his role. Important: Act only in mutual agreement and agree a Safeword! Before the joint game, the respective borders should be sounded out. In this way misunderstandings are avoided and the BDSM game remains a tingling pleasure for both partners. So that you dont run out of ideas for intensive BDSM punishments, we have collected a few unusual inspirations for varied punishments!

Collection of Ideas for BSDM Penalties

Well cleaned is half come! Was your submissive partner naughty again? Then hum a few juicy hours of housework for him or her. The dominant partner can sit back and watch with pleasure. In order to make the punishment even more effective, one hand of the punished person ties up. So he must throw the household with one hand. Or uses a sexy dress code during the game. Men may wear provocative pantyhose, while the woman cleans the house with a panty overlay. Tip: The license to orgasm! Only when all housework is done to your satisfaction, you get permission to orgasm during the following love play. Get your hands off me! The submissive partner should spoil the dominant partner. This may use everything for it, except the hands. If it is offended against, the dominant partner may tie his hands on the back. Now the dominant partner has full control and can subdue the bound partner for further pleasurable services. Click here for an overview of frequent bondage positions for further inspiration!

Remotely Controlled Lust

With hot radio waves in your panties, a remote-controlled vibro egg or anal plug offers very special intimate pleasures. Youre both on your way shopping or on the train. There are people everywhere around you. In the panties of your submissive partner hides a vibrating toy (either vibro egg or vibrating anal plug). Unseen by others, the dominant partner can now send the pleasure waves with the remote control at any time. The control is completely in his hands. But the hot foreplay still has a catch. If the submissive partner becomes impetuous and lets himself be noticed that he likes it, the game is over immediately and there is no further satisfaction for this day. Watch an erotic movie together. If necessary, draw lots beforehand to see who may be the submissive part and who the dominant one. The submissive partner is tied up. Now begin with the film. Each time a certain word falls or a certain object is seen in the film, the dominant may spank the bound. Hot-cold passion you get with a few ice cubes. Take the icy joy givers and let them make their rounds over your partners body. Over the neck, the nipples and the intimate areas, the icy pleasure promises tingling punishment rounds. With a sextoy made of metal or glass, the game can be played just as well. The advantage here is that the pleasure donors can both warm up and cool down.

Punish your girl with a VR sextoy

A torturously beautiful punishment you can achieve with a little tickle. The submissive partner is tied up so that he or she can no longer escape. The dominant partner then takes a feather or simply his hands to tickle the tied. While you are making juicy blows for order, let your submissive partner count the blows. A number of slaps is determined in advance. Lets say 20, for example. The subject now knows exactly what to expect and has to count down the blows. If he suddenly stops counting or enjoys spanking too much, he has to start all over again until the lesson is remembered. Each of these penalties and game types can also be written on a card and collected in a box. If the submissive partner was naughty, he or she may draw a card and his or her penalty will be determined by chance. Various BDSM role-playing games can also provide more pepper in the penalty area.